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An independent studio creating graphic design solutions in both print and web.
Offering classes and tutoring in Adobe CC Products and hobby CNC manufacturing.

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Recent Posts

Foundlings – Art Installation


Foundlings: a tribute to misfits at RoCo Lab Space from MYDARNDEST on Vimeo. This exhibition is the result of a new collaboration between Rochester, New York artists Robin Cass and Bill Klingensmith. With elements of both traditional artisanry and high-tech fabricating used in the service of ideas, these pieces explore the boundaries between art, craft […]

CNC Hammer Tenon Box


I am building some skills with my Shapeoko 2 and decided to cut a box that uses joinery and assembles without glue. Using a joinery technique called “Hammer Tenon”, I did some studies and test cuts to make sure I had my file match the tolerance of the machine. Then I did the layout to […]

CNC Shapeoko2 Dust Boot Z-Axis


Lack of cleanliness in the work area is A-O-Kay with me to a certain degree. I’ve found my limit on how much dust I can tolerate on my rails from milling. The vacuum dust show has been great but there still is some light dust in the air that eventually settles on everything, especially my […]