South of Delia | Richard Shindell – CD Design


This is a project that has been out for a while, I recently reconnected with Richard and he gave me a few extra CD’s to photograph. The project was completed exclusively using email. Richard lives in Argentina and I live in Rochester, New York.

After listening to the album and version-ing many ideas from Shindell, I proposed using a sequence of images from the plains of South Dakota. They came from a project I did in 2005, DRIVE PROJECT. These photos are much like the landscapes you would see, south of Delia. Delia is near Lawrence, Kansas. The name of the album came from a verse in the song. Delia is the un-official center of the USA. If you draw lines from corner to corner you will most likely find the center over Delia/Lawrence, Kansas.

Richard Shindell is a singer-songwriter. He is in my top 5 living male songwriters. Someone that you should know… I highly recommend checking out his music.

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